Want to be rewarded for being a loyal client?  Ask about the Massage Loyalty Card.  

Need a gift?  Ask about a gift certificate.  

Maybe you want to save money- Dee's offers limited time specials from time to time. Look at the home page or our store page.

Loyalty Program

The Massage Loyalty Card is always available. 

  • Receive 5 LIKE massages of equal value for the price of 4
  • Paid up front in total
The Mini Loyalty Card is always available.
  • Receive 3 LIKE massages of equal value at a 10% savings
  • Paid up front in total
Every visit your card is dated. These massages never expire.
PLEASE NOTE: They cannot be combined with any other deals or specials.

While in the possession of a loyalty card you can feel free to purchase a special. (specials always have an expiration date)

  • Use that special before it expires and then go back to using your remaining massages on your loyalty card.
  • In the event that you misplace your loyalty card , Dee’s Therapeutic Touch maintains records of unused Loyalty Massages.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available at all times and can be purchased for their regular price to be given as gifts for all occasions
If possible please redeem within 6 -9 months of purchase.  However Gift certificates are good for up to 4 years from the date of purchase.

If the gift certificate is lost, Dee’s maintains a record and will replace them.

If for whatever reason the intended person does not use or want to use their gift certificate, the purchaser must redeem.

No worries!  Dee’s lets no gift certificates go to waste!


Specials are run from time to time and are specific in detail.  They WILL NOT be combined with any other deals and specials.

Specials are for a  limited time and always have an expiration date!

THE MONETARY VALUE NEVER expires but the promotional value does. So if you’ve purchased a special and it has expired, you can get a massage that equals the dollar value you’ve spent even if it’s after the expiration date of said special.

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