Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a blend of light fast paced strokes that invite the muscles to relax.  This type of massage is good if you feel like you just need to unwind. The goal is to return to a Homeostasis balance.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is a blend of deep slow paced strokes that help to dissipate knots, tension and stress found in the muscles.
It is tailored to your needs and pain threshold.
  • We aim for that “oh that hurts so good” not “OMG that hurts, I surrender” feeling. 
  • We focus on your troubled areas whether it’s tension in the neck and shoulders or problems with the back.  
Dee’s Therapeutic Touch incorporates stretches to help elongate the muscles and facilitate the release of lactic acid which causes muscle tightness.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a blend of very deep slow paced strokes designed to release the tension of the fascia or fibrous tissue that covers our muscles and organs.
This is beneficial in enhancing circulation and opening up flow from friction and tension.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy uses heated stones along with therapeutic massage strokes to release and melt away stress and tension throughout the whole body. It starts with placing stones along the spine and a stone over the sacrum.
  • Each of your palms will have a stone placed within them.
  • Next a cold stone wrap is placed over your neck. While the heat from those stones are seeping into your muscles, the back of your legs are massaged with hot stones.
  • Then both feet are wrapped with a stone to relax you reflex points.
  • Then the stones from the back are removed and then the back and shoulders are massaged using more hot stones with therapeutic massage strokes.
Once the back side of you is completed you are turned over and
  • hot stones are placed over your belly button, the end of the sternum and over your heart.
  • Each palm is given another hot stone.
  • Stones are placed on your face on the forehead, chin and on both sides of your nose.
  • Next the fronts of your legs are worked on with hot stones and massage strokes.
  • Afterwards, both feet are wrapped with hot stones again and stones are placed between the toes.
  • Then your hands and arms are massaged.  Also your neck and shoulders are worked on using hot stones and massage strokes.
  • After that your face is massaged and the hot stones are replaced with cold stones.
  • Finally your massage is completed with your feet being massaged.


Reflexology is used to address imbalances in the body through specific points on the feet, hands and/or ears.
We all have imbalances within the body and reflex points offer the opportunity to open up the various meridians.

Mud Wraps

Mud Wraps help to detoxify, moisturize and remineralize the skin, our largest organ, so that it works optimally. It helps to clean the pores and helps the skin to breathe properly.
This way it acts as the first defense in warding off the things we don’t want to enter our body and keeps the good things in that we need to be healthy.


Exfoliations help to slough off dead skin that accumulates by using natural sea salt that is mixed with essential oils to leave the skin properly moisturized

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